Thursday, January 19, 2006

Quest Delayed, but Not Aborted

I will resume my training starting tomorrow. I took several months off, because of the birth of my son and ju-jitsu training (which I've now decided to abort because I wasn't getting the health benefits I've experienced before with running). So, tonight, I will take some measurements to see my baseline and determine my general health. I'll periodically update those to reflect my progress.

Sunday, July 31, 2005

Week 5: Seeing Some Health Improvement

I fit in all 5 runs this week. I'm really beginning to feel the addiction on the rest days. I just want to run everyday. But, I know that that would be a good way to get injured. I haven't seen any weight loss yet, but I really don't expect any right now. My appetite is in check, but I still weigh about 217, which is about 3.5 lbs heavier than when I began the running program. I've done some investigating and it appears I'll begin to see some noticeable weight loss when I build my weekly base mileage up to about 20 mpw.

I've also been looking into heart monitors for training purposes. I've got my eye on what appears to be the best one, and that's the Polar S625X. I won't shell out the $350 for it, though, until I have achieved the 20 mpw base mileage that is one of my short term goals.

I took my blood pressure a couple days ago and my bp is no longer borderline (c. 130/80), but is around 120/80. Also, my resting heart rate has gone down from 65 to 59.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Day 25, 26, 27, & 28: Extreme Heat

I finished my runs out this week by running in the morning. It was too hot to run during the day. Next week, it will be 5 sessions of alternating 6 minutes of running with 2 minutes of walking and repeating 3 times. The walking braks will start to taper off after next week.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Day 23 & 24

Day 23 went well, but my shoes were wet, so I ran in a newer pair that I hadn't intended on using yet. However, after running in them, my joints and feet don't hurt as much, so I think I'll continue to wear them when I run. Day 24 was a rest day.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Day 20, 21, & 22: Let It Rain!!

Finished up the 3 minutes running and 2 minutes walking cycles on Saturday, and rested Sunday. This week, it will be 5 days of running 5 minutes, followed by walking 2 minutes, and repeating 2 times. Today's run involved getting soaked in a summer downpour. It was a lot of fun, and even my daughter enjoyed running in it. I did let her go home early, though, as we passed our house on the run.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Day 19: Late Start

I had a tournament chess game last night which contributed to me getting a late start this morning. Nonetheless, I had a good run, covering a full 1.5 miles with the 4 repeats of running 3 minutes followed by walking 2 minutes. Now, as a rule, I never to the last 2 minutes of walking as dictated by the program. Instead, I simply walk home as a cooldown. I know my body has to adjust, but I'm getting a little anxious to determine what my mile pace is currently. I don't have any fancy gadgets, so I can only estimate it at this point. What I think I'm running (if I can hold that pace for the entire mile) is a 9:00 mile. Gee! If I can hold that pace for 26.2 miles, I'll surely meet my marathon goal of sub-4:00:00. I have quite a bit of base-building yet to go before I can do that, however. Hmmm, and if I could somehow manage to drive my pace up to an 8:00 mile...sub-3:30:00?! We shall see...we shall see....I just have to avoid the temptation to push myself so hard that I get injured.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Day 17 & 18

Yesterday was a rest day. Today was a nice, cool day to run. My daughter is starting to lag behind in the runs, as she's not used to running for 3 minutes straight at a time. I'd like to get her to the point where she can run for 20 minutes straight before I cut her loose from these training sessions. She definitely needs the exercise, and I think this would be good physical preparation before she starts back at school.